Mrs. Gyana Geetha

A Parent

Appreciation for co-curricular activities-- Please accept my gratitude and congratulations for all the new activities including astronomy, coding, the school turf and many more that have been initiated since the beginning of this academic year. I feel proud as well when I spot our school's branding and awareness hoardings around Mira Road.
I recently came across a video on social media of a young girl speaking in Youth Parliament in the UK. She called for reform in Education system which did little to help children take care of their mental health amongst other issues. I feel grateful that in our school, activities such as Yoga are a part of the curriculum, so that we can equip our youngsters with tools that will help them cope with ever increasing stress in today's urban environment. I applaud your commitment towards cultural and sports activities, which goes a long way towards making education inclusive, as children have many different talents and opportunities to recognize these will help build self confidence.

Swapna Bagave

Mother of Mst. Ved Bagave (Sr.kg.A).

Respected Principal mam & Teachers, I would feel honour to share some of my experience with U.S.Ostwal English Academy (Mira Road).

The school is really a foundation of future for kids.

A school where is Creativity, Encouragement, Manners towards Scocity, Confidence and all together the progress given to students.

From my personal experience I can conclude the Love, Care n personal attention teachers and staff giving to kids are really praseworthy. Always being Polite, Co-operative and attentive for any query for parents too.

Conduct lot of workshop for parents which helps parents in growing kids.

The School also organise lot of Cultural activities, curriculum events for kids which builds the confidence in kids. Teachers really work hard for that. Hats of for all the efforts.....

I am very much happy & satisfied as I have given good and really right start up to my Son.

I really wish best of luck to the School as they continuously molding our Lil stars with great values and manners.

All the very best to U.S.Ostwal Team!!!

Three cheers to the School,

Hip hip hurrey...!!!!
Hip hip hurrey...!!!!
Hip hip hurrey...!!!

Pradeep Nair

Parent of Sr.kg

It’s indeed a great pleasure to see such small children’s getting aware of such cleanliness , the credit goes to the school and the teachers who has done very hard work and motivated the children’s , a big round of applause to the parents also . The school is striving its level best to cover the maximum academic syllabus’s too without hampering the academic ground of children’s , I would thank all the teachers of the school and specially the teachers of senior KG that they are doing an excellent work and nothing in words could be at par for their efforts . Keep it up .

Preksha Nayak

(PTA of 2nd Std.)

I’m satisfied with today’s meeting, It was a great experience with the new Principal. Hope the best for future. Great interaction & looking forward to incorporate new ideas soon. It was a great interaction and nice meeting thanks. Excellent interaction and nice meeting, we are happy thanks. It is great working with Shaheen mam. She is very supportive and prompt.

Manisha Manchalwar

(PTA of Sr. KG)

I would like to congratulate you for the successful event of Graduation day. I must admit that it has been a wonderful experience for us parents. The event was well organised and was amazingly executed . All kids performances was impeccable and out of the box.

A huge round of applauds to all of the teachers,supervisor,faculty and admin staff.

A very special thank you to all the aunties and maushies who took special care of our childrens hygiene and were very supportive and alert with a smiling attitude.

Vaishali Gumgaonkar

(PTA of Sr. KG)

First of all a big thank u to all U S ostwal English Academy school team,for nurturing my daughter so beautifully.now she is very much confident n active.this is not only a school for her but a second home where she can live freely n learning much more things. This is the School where child and parents never feel that they are lonely , it's a FAMILY, apart from this ,the school build the strong academic Foundation for kids. But all these are not possible without the activity participation of madhu mam n principal ms.shweta Dalvi mam, these ladies have a beautiful n wonderful heart,they are magician. So on the occasion of graduation day ceremony I want to thank you all i.e. to principal mam, coordinator mam n all teaching n non teaching staff. We are very much lucky to have you all,thank you for all.



The entire programme of Graduation Day was a heart warming ceremony. Apart from being meticulously planned, we as a parent loved the way each child's uniqueness was being mentioned during awards ceremony. The dance performances by the kids was just superb which clearly showcased the teachers' efforts. I am very content with the overall curriculum of the Pre-primary Section which includes various activities that help the child's all round development. Arnav used to be a shy child, but because of teacher's support (especially Neeta Shah & Seema Sharma Ma'am), and encouragement he participated in all activities and excelled. Hope the momentous continues. Thank you Teachers & Management for making learning a great experience.

Mayura Tyagi

(PTA of Xth Std.)

Nice informative session on Robotics. Looking forward for many positive changes in school. All the best for a fantastic future of school as well as students.

Rashmi Kotkar

(PTA of SR.KG Std.)

It was very impressive like this time I am happy for few points which were arise and to know the good things which are going to come up. I would love to be part of it to help.

Zoya Warsi

(PTA of JR.KG Std.)

Was an Excellent session. And the Robotic information was very good and looking forward for it. And the few information and changes will happen is very excellent. Love this session very much.

Mala Gawalwad

(PTA of 5th standard)

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Principal for the thought of celebrating heritage day in our school. This event has brought the school and parents on the same platform leaving no scope for misunderstanding.

Gyana Geetha

(Mother of Pranava Saravanan, Sr.K.G. B)

Please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks for the Grandparent's Day event organized for the pre-primary section in your school today. It has been an extraordinary experience for my mother-in-law. She enjoyed herself thoroughly during the event, participated in most of the activities and had a lovely time.

Urvashi Khanna

(PTA representative Jr. KG)

Would like to congratulate you on the successful organisation & conduction of heritage day. I felt really fortunate to have been associated with this project. such things help us to show our creativity, to become aware of our rich culture and also make our kids involved in this project.

Urvashi Khanna

respected mam,I,urvashi khanna,mother of himakshi khanna from Jr kg c,would like to thank you for letting us be a part of children day celebration. it was really a very fun filled and enjoyable experience for the kids as well as the parents. looking forward to more of such activities and celebrations.

Meenakshi Mittal

Heritage day was a nice concept to make kids as well as for all of us to know about different states. I really had a great time and fun to go n see each and every state and the hard work done by all to make this day a grand success. Thank you school for the idea of organising heritage day.

Nazneen Shaikh

It gives me immense pleasure to share my views and opinion on the heritage day celebrated in the school on 14th Oct ‘2017. I would like to appreciate the school for this wonderful initiative and the idea of representing classrooms with different states of India with their specialities, food, culture, attire, festivals, monuments, famous personalities, dance, hospitality and geographical maps of each state.

Neetu Gupta

Here I am m/o of Soham Gupta who is studing in Ist Class.
I was overwhelmed with great pleasure on Sat, 24/11/2018 in Ostwal School.
On that day the wonderful "Jungle Activity" was conducted in School, I was astonished that it was real feel with different types of animals in an organsied way.
All kids were very happy while they got the opportunity of horse riding and bullock cart riding.
Many more acient things were presented there.
i am lucky my kids are studing in U.S.Ostwal English Academy and blessed such effortful teachers.
A millions of Thanks to Ostwal Team.

Dhara Bangera

Beautifully organized annual day mam. Very well choreographed, excellent costumes, various dance steps. The whole concept of giving importance to kids and achievers was brilliant. And distinguished guests not just from film or TV fraternity. Gave me a beautiful feeling of a beautiful accomplished annual.

Chaya Chakraborty
Mother of Raisas
( III - A )

This is in regards of the annual day which was held on 17Jan 20 which was awesome. I really liked the way entire programme was organised on Unity theme.
It shows the kind of seriousness which the school has for unity and students will also learn the same in the beautiful way.
Each child has learnt the languages accordingly to the country represented.Which eventually will also built the interest of the child in foreign languages too.
Lastly a big thank you to Miss Bharti for taking good care of my daughter Raisa. As she was saying mam gave us snacks,our wash room breaks were taken care and also made her to do her friends make-up.
So she was really happy and said next time also she desire to participate in the event. So thank a lot to the management for letting us being a part of such events in which with kids we also learn alot.

Ananya Pednekar
Mother of Aarsh Pednekar
( III - A )

Im speechless with no words. In the end hardship of everyone paid off.
We congratulate 💐all the coreografer, teachers, staff ,and our lil ones who put a such a successful annual day of the year with their dedication.. Performance was dynamic, wonderful,mesmerising.
Thank you so much for giving all our children’s such great performances.
Thank you to the Principal Mam, all the teachers and staff of the school.
I am really appreciating you all and wish God to give you much more strength and courage to do what you’re destined to do.

Gyan Geeta

You would be busy in the preparations for the Republic day celebration. best wishes! Congratulations Ma'am onthe marvelous Annual Day held last week. We thoroughly enjoyed it!
Felt especially proud of the School band that escorted the chief guests and the Singing and instrumental group performance! Such amazing talent honed to perfection by the music teacher too.