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    Better Education Environment


  • Circular dated: 18/07/22

    Dear Parents, This is to inform you that the pending FA-1 exam of Geography is rescheduled on 23rd July'22 ie. Saturday from 9.00am to 10.30am.

    Reporting time for students will be at 8.45 am and dispersal will be done at 10.30am.

    Bus facility will be provided to bus students.


    Circular dated:13.7.22

    Dear Parents,

    To celebrate our Independence Day and to provide students a good opportunity to combat with their fear factors i.e., stage fear & public speaking fear various competitions will be organised. It is an attempt of the school to promote English speaking skills. The participants are expected to exhibit their talents by participating.

    Students have to prepare according to the following activities:

    Nursery: Theme/Topic
    Fancy dress competition (My favourite national leader)

    Famous hindi Slogans of National leaders

    English Speech competition :
    Topic- My state.... my pride

    The elimination round will be on 9th August'22. The final round of the competition will be conducted on 12th August '22.


    Circular dated: 07.07.22

    Dear Parents,

    This is to inform you that due to climatic changes, many students are suffering from viral fever and still parents are sending them to school for assessment, which is a matter of concern for us.

    It is our humble request to all parents that kindly do not send your wards unless and until they are medically fit. On the basis of application and medical certificate, average marks will be given to the students.


  • Circular dated: 07.07.22

    Dear Parents,

    The aim of Hindustan Times (HT) is to broaden student's mind in terms of innovation and creative thinking, reasoning and capacity building. It also aims at encouraging and developing reading habits through thought provoking, informative and appealing content. HT also publishes our school articles, including school events, student's achievements and many more.

    HT School edition has proven to be of immense help to the students and the schools, those who have been associated with it.

    Interested students can avail the yearly subscription of Hindustan Times for Rs.250. Interested students can collect the form from their respective class teachers and submit to her by 11th July'22.


Why Us


Updated computer lab and web based tools thus offering quality education from early years to the higher standards.

Best Teacher

We believe in a good quality education hence we have highly qualified and trained teaching staff.

Practical Training

For the practical training there is availability of well equipped science laboratories and updated with latest books in the library.


We host co-curricular activities like taekwondo, yoga, abacus, phoenics, along with music, dance, sports which foster team spirit and environmental consciousness.

Vocational Courses


Astronomy (Grade 1-9)

By studying astronomy, you gain a basic understanding of physics, chemistry, and mathematics – the essential building blocks for more specialized fields. They are a key driver for student uptake in academic and industrial science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields


Coding, Ai, Robotics (Grade 1-8)

All-in-one coding environment designed for students with block-based coding & Python. Experience the endeavor of interactive learning with a world-class lab, space to code AI-powered Quarky robots with PictoBlox, and learning resources for both students and teachers!


English Lab (Grade 1-12)

Digital English Language Laboratory tools designed exclusively according to the needs of English learners. It allows the teacher to monitor the activities of the student, thus, teacher is the controlling authority and can guide the students. The teacher can conduct online tests and generate reports.


  • Refreshment

  • Transportation

  • ICT Lab

  • Play Zone

  • Library

  • Science Labs

We emphasize on

USOEA is one of the leading schools. What sets us apart?




Students' Clubs

Holistic Development

Enrichment Lectures

Career based lectures

Cultural Revival

Educational Trips


Mrs. Gyana Geetha

A Parent

Appreciation for co-curricular activities-- Please accept my gratitude and congratulations for all the new activities including astronomy, coding, the school turf and many more that have been initiated since the beginning of this academic year. I feel proud as well when I spot our school's branding and awareness hoardings around Mira Road.
I recently came across a video on social media of a young girl speaking in Youth Parliament in the UK. She called for reform in Education system which did little to help children take care of their mental health amongst other issues. I feel grateful that in our school, activities such as Yoga are a part of the curriculum, so that we can equip our youngsters with tools that will help them cope with ever increasing stress in today's urban environment. I applaud your commitment towards cultural and sports activities, which goes a long way towards making education inclusive, as children have many different talents and opportunities to recognize these will help build self confidence.

Ms. Ajab Kothi

(PTA of STD. IX)

We, parents, may be accountants, scientists, doctors, and engineers – but nothing contributes to the nation’s development more than the sacrifices made by teachers.
Teachers should be called Fillers because they fill all the gaps and crevices in a child’s life.
Thank you principal ma'am, management and last but not the least the most important teachers for making things easy for children to read at this moment of hardship

Ms. Zeenat Lamba

(PTA of STD. V)

Thank u so much for all ur efforts and pain u all took for our childrens..... very impressive and constructive initiative taken by the teachers and management of our school to keep children occupied during this LOCKDOWN period....


Ms. Mayura Tyagi

(PTA of STD. X)

It is wonderful to have so many teachers working for our children when we are all locked down.....A big thankyou to Principal ma'am, Supervisors and all teachers from all classes also all school staff for being so alert not only during this time of crisis but during the entire year for putting in so much efforts for our children....Special thanks from parents of tenth standard for the hardwork put throughout the year.

Preksha Nayak

(PTA of 2nd Std.)

I’m satisfied with today’s meeting, It was a great experience with the new Principal. Hope the best for future. Great interaction & looking forward to incorporate new ideas soon. It was a great interaction and nice meeting thanks. Excellent interaction and nice meeting, we are happy thanks. It is great working with Shaheen mam. She is very supportive and prompt.

Mayura Tyagi

(PTA of Xth Std.)

Nice informative session on Robotics. Looking forward for many positive changes in school. All the best for a fantastic future of school as well as students.

Rashmi Kotkar

(PTA of SR.KG Std.)

It was very impressive like this time I am happy for few points which were arise and to know the good things which are going to come up. I would love to be part of it to help.

Zoya Warsi

(PTA of JR.KG Std.)

Was an Excellent session. And the Robotic information was very good and looking forward for it. And the few information and changes will happen is very excellent. Love this session very much.

Mala Gawalwad

(PTA of 5th standard)

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Principal for the thought of celebrating heritage day in our school. This event has brought the school and parents on the same platform leaving no scope for misunderstanding.